AUTHENTISE – Customized Access to AM Data for Personalized Visualization

As Authentise platform gets more connected and smart, access to data is becoming more encompassing and substantial. Quick and effective data visualization is extremely useful to businesses and Authentise is working on revamping the graphs to include even more of the information the industry is looking for, like printers’ availability, performance and throughput. Also, Authentise is improving the customization options to enable the industry to work with APIs to create the dashboard that best suits the industry’s needs.

Here is some of the new data to be included in the improved graph selection, with much more to come in future releases:

  • OEE
  • Availability (Downtime vs Operating time)
  • Quality/Yield (total fails vs total builds)
  • Performance (spikes)
  • Throughput (cm3 per machine)

Authentise will be giving options to download the data, or access it via Authentise API. Authentise are also trying to give the industry more options to customize the order and content of the graphs. The more of Authentise products the industry use, the more information the industry can display. With the use of Authentise Manufacturing Execution System, for instance, the industry can add:

  • Parts in process (value$ + #)
  • On-time delivery
  • Manufacturing Cycle Time (time from order to shipped)
  • Time/Cost per cm3
  • And many more

Source: AmericaMakes

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