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Bastion Cycles Takes Ownership of Its Metal AM Capabilities

Bastion Cycles has developed a breakthrough additively manufactured (AM) bike frame described as “the riders holy grail”. The company transitioned from outsourcing their AM needs by investing in Renishaw’s AM250 system and gaining in-house...


Case Studies From Moi: The First CFM Frame for BMX

CFM, Continuous Fiber Manufacturing, is a potentially disruptive process that merges the performances of thermosetting composite materials with the potentialities of Additive Manufacturing. The process was patented in 2015 inside “Politecnico di Milano” University,...


Electric Bike Uses High-Performance 3D Printed Triboplastics

The bicycle has, in recent years, developed from a mere commodity to a weight-optimised ‘lifestyle apparatus’. Most recently, electrification has contributed significantly to this trend. According to the German bicycle industry association ‘Zweirad-Industrie-Verband’ (ZIV)...