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Ultrasound Can Help Make 3D-Printed Alloys Stronger

Researchers have used sound vibrations to shake metal alloy grains into tighter formation during 3D printing. A new study shows high frequency sound waves can have a significant impact on the inner micro-structure of...


Additive Manufacturing of Tailor-Made X-Ray Optics

Scientists developed tailor-made phase plates for high-resolution X-ray microscopy. The phase plates can correct spherical aberrations of Beryllium refractive lenses. They used Nanoscribe’s additive manufacturing technology to fabricate the phase plate structure adapted to...


3D Printing News From Formnext 2019 Graded

Here is a list of all major announcements, product launches and other news and disseminated them for your ease of reading and graded them for reality and relevance With the hindsight of all the...