Authentise Boosts Engineering Collaboration with Generative AI and 3D Annotation

Philadelphia, PA, 12 March 2024, Authentise, the leader in data-driven engineering & manufacturing workflow tools,  announced a raft of new features for Threads, its collaboration tool that allows users to share, discuss and manage engineering projects. These innovations build on many months of close collaboration with existing Threads users such as the US Department of Defense and Boeing.

New features include the ability to:

●Natively annotate 3D models and tie those comments back to broader conversations related to the project.
●Use AI-generated suggestions to capture milestones related to your conversations.
●Tie your team together into a synchronous conversation about a 3D model, always able to see each colleague’s point of view.
●Summarise each Thread with AI to make it easier for your colleagues to understand the context of each conversation.
●Investigate the content of your threads using the AI-powered Threads.

All features remain available on Authentise’s FedRamp Moderate or ITAR secure cloud and for private hosting. The Starter tier is now self-serve and free on

Andre Wegner, CEO of Authentise, comments: “the continuing disruption to supply chains and pressure to innovate highlights the need for tools that can help us turn ideas into parts, faster. By listening to our customers, it’s become clear that enabling 3D annotation, deepening collaboration opportunities as well as enriching insights and tracking with AI can do just that.

Authentise Threads delivers value immediately. The R&D organisation of a leading surgical robotics company was working seamlessly on the platform in less than 30 minutes. Within 2 weeks they were seeing a 1.5x ROI on their investment, tracking 100% of their R&D decisions digitally, while saving 150 hours and 20 meetings across a distributed team including external partners. They doubled the effective size of their team.

Source: Authentise

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