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US Nuclear Carriers to Get First 3D-Printed Part

Additive manufacturing is taking to the seas with the first 3D-printed part being cleared for installation aboard a US Navy nuclear aircraft carrier. Built by Huntington Ingalls Industries’ Newport News Shipbuilding division and the...


Velo3D’s Shrouded Impeller Applications

Pumps and compressors are some of the most common pieces of industrial equipment, found in just about everything. One particular class of such pumps is the centrifugal pump, which has many uses in very...


3D Printed Glass-ceramics Earmarked for Hardy Medical Microdevices

Researchers at Vilnius University, Lithuania, have succeeded in 3D printing glass-ceramics on a nanoscopic scale. Strong and potentially fluorescent or superconductive, these amorphous materials, and their fabrication via additive manufacturing, facilitates the creation of...