LuxCreo Smart Factory Showcases Customization of ASICS Footwear at ASICS FUTURE EXPERIENCE LAB

September 13, 2021, LuxCreo announced a significant expansion of their additive manufacturing Smart Factory that solves the challenge of scaling production after initial 3D printing success. ASICS leveraged LuxCreo’s 3D printing solutions and Smart Factory to customize flip flops for attendees and introduce the latest technologies in the ‘ASICS FUTURE EXPERIENCE LAB.’

3D printed flip flops designed with LuxGen, generative design software, and 3D printed at LuxCreo’s Smart Factory. Flip flop size and arch height are matched to customer foot scan at ASICS FUTURE EXPERIENCE LAB. (Photo: Business Wire)

“There is strong demand for custom footwear that is better performing and sustainable,” said Norihiko Taniguchi, General Manager of Future creation department, Institute of sports science, ASICS Corporation. “With LuxCreo’s 3D printing and Smart Factory solutions, mass customization of high-performance footwear will come true in the near future.”

Supporting ASICS’ three themes “digital”, “personal” and “sustainable” set forth in “VISION 2030,” LuxCreo is modernizing manufacturing for a new era of customized and high performing products. The LuxCreo Smart Factory is redefining how companies adopt and scale additive manufacturing. Enabling a more sustainable manufacturing process, the Smart Factory provides on-demand production capacity that can scale up local 3D printing success while providing greater control. Organizations use only the Smart Factory manufacturing capacity they need allowing them to align production resources with demand.

Smart Factory production service combines the power of advanced 3D printing hardware and software, high performing elastic and engineering resins, and automated manufacturing processes. Eliminating tooling and molds needed in traditional manufacturing, the LuxCreo Smart Factory takes digital 3D printing files to produce high or low volume, high-mix with low volume, customized, or just-in-time products. Manufacturing consistently from batch-to-batch and at high yield across many 3D printers, the Smart Factory is providing flexible options and accelerating production.

“Over the last year, many companies are experiencing significant disruptions in their manufacturing supply chains,” said Michael Strohecker, chief revenue officer, LuxCreo. “With LuxCreo Smart Factories and cloud-connected 3D printers, our customers around the world have greater flexibility in product designs, where they manufacture, and can more easily and rapidly move from prototyping and small batch production to high volume manufacturing.”

Source: Businesswire

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