AMFG to Establish End-to-End Workflow for Additive Manufacturing with Autodesk Software

Thursday 14 November 2019 — AMFG, a provider of MES software for additive manufacturing, has announced that it is cooperating with Autodesk to link its MES software with Autodesk’s design and simulation software, Netfabb®.

As part of this endeavour, AMFG’s MES software can be used seamlessly with Netfabb, enabling users of both software solutions to establish a fully integrated, end-to-end digital workflow from design to production for the very first time.

Users will be able to prepare their 3D files for production using the full range of Autodesk’s Netfabb and Fusion 360 solutions, which include CAD, CAM, CAE, metal process simulation, 2D/3D nesting and support generation as well as lattice design. At a click of a button, these files can then be seamlessly managed in AMFG’s workflow automation software, where users can operate their entire production workflow, including coordinating requests, scheduling production and receiving data analytics in real time.

“One of the biggest barriers for companies looking to scale their AM operations is the lack of a seamless, end-to-end workflow,” said Keyvan Karimi, CEO of AMFG.

“Today, much of the Additive Manufacturing landscape is still made up of a series of disconnected and manual steps, which make managing the process inefficient and unscalable. We are delighted to work with Autodesk, a leader in its field, to enable a truly end-to-end workflow solution and provide the workflow traceability and scalability needed to help push AM to industrialisation.”

AMFG MES. Image via AMFG

Alexander Oster, Director of Additive Manufacturing at Autodesk, said: “AMFG is a well-established provider of workflow automation solutions and our collaboration will enable our customers to establish highly connected and integrated workflows from beginning to end.

“Our advanced design optimisation solutions, combined with AMFG’s workflow automation platform, will also enable companies to scale their operations effectively. We look forward to continue to support AMFG on more automation solutions to help our customers unlock the full industrial potential of additive manufacturing.”

Image credit: Autodesk, Inc

Both AMFG and Autodesk will be exhibiting at Formnext later this month.

Source: AMFG 

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