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Quality Assurance in Additive Manufacturing

Industial users use the associated freedom in component design as well as the rapid feasibility in prototype construction with additive processes. Additive manufacturing with metals or plastics offer companies new possibilities with a high...


ParaMatters Expands Its Generative Design and Manufacturing Cloud Solutions with the Launch of CogniCAD 3.0 at Formnext 2019

ParaMatters, a provider of computer-generated design and manufacturing software solutions, announced on November 13 it will launch at Formnext 2019 its complete end-to-end solution platform, CogniCAD 3.0, featuring expanded one-click generative design for mechanical...


3D Systems’ VSP Orthopaedics Receives FDA 510(k) Clearance — Opening the Door to Personalized Treatment of Complex Musculoskeletal Disease

3D Systems (DDD) announced that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has provided 510(k) clearance to its new VSP Orthopaedics solution — enabling surgeons to obtain a clear 3D visualization of a patient’s anatomy...