Authentise Enables Trusted, High-Quality 3D Printed Parts to be Manufactured Locally

Failures in the supply chain can cause delays, cost overruns, and, in some cases, disasters—with human deaths as a horrific consequence.

Additive manufacturing and 3D printing can offer a solution, but there are two issues holding the technology back from reaching its potential. One is the lack of confidence in the technology and the second is a lack of awareness of the design processes behind it.

Founded by a 2012 alumnus of SU’s Global Solutions Program, startup Authentise initially struggled to gain traction in the 3D printing space. However, once the startup redirected its efforts to focus on creating confidence in the technology behind 3D printing, Authentise started to see success by developing the capability to scan any object and then 3D print a high-quality version of it.

Authentise, by harnessing the power of exponential thinking and leveraging SU’s global community of faculty, domain experts, partners, alumni, exponential technologists, and others, is working with major retailers like Lowe’s and Nike to make it more reliable and cost-effective for manufacturers and suppliers to prototype, scale, and orchestrate additive manufacturing production.

Souce: Singularity University

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