AMPOWER Partners with Nikon to Elevate Expertise in Additive Manufacturing Solutions Nikon is leveraging AMPOWER training and e-learning expertise to offer a comprehensive training program for their Additive Manufacturing solutions

25th of October 2023, Hamburg based Additive Manufacturing consultancy AMPOWER and Nikon Corporation (Nikon), a pioneer in optical technology markets, announce a partnership in Additive Manufacturing Training. This strategic collaboration is geared towards providing engineers with an unparalleled opportunity to enhance their proficiency in Additive Manufacturing (AM) solutions from Nikon.

Figure 1 Nikon Metal 3D Printer Lasermeister 100A Series

AM has emerged as a revolutionary force in modern manufacturing, and its impact is felt across industries worldwide. Recognizing the immense potential of this technology, AMPOWER and Nikon are joining forces to offer engineers a comprehensive training program that will equip them with a broad and deep understanding of Nikon’s cutting-edge AM solutions. The first online learning program is focused on the Lasermeister 100A Series, a state-of-the-art Directed Energy Deposition system. The course is specifically targeted towards potential customers and all professionals that want to better understand the potential of Nikon’s Lasermeister technology.

“At AMPOWER, we see a transformative power in AM, and we are excited to work with Nikon to enable engineers to fully harness the capabilities of their AM solutions,” said Matthias Schmidt-Lehr, Managing Partner of AMPOWER. “The newly designed training program which has been developed by AMPOWER, will provide engineers with the necessary knowledge, skills, and insights they need to leverage Nikon’s AM technologies effectively.” Adds Hiroyuki Nagasaka, Department Manager of the Development Department in the Advanced Manufacturing Business Unit of Nikon.

Figure 2 AMPOWER E-Learning Academy

Nikon, with its strong legacy of innovation and excellence, is at the forefront of developing advanced AM solutions that cater to a wide range of industries. Nikon has been using the different courses provided by the AMPOWER Academy to train their employees in the most critical skills related to AM. This collaboration marks a strategic step towards fostering expertise among engineers, allowing them to capitalize on Nikon’s state-of-the-art AM offerings.

The initial E-Learning program will encompass a comprehensive curriculum designed to cover all facets of Nikon’s Lasermeister 100A Series technology. Engineers participating in the program will gain insights into the intricacies of the AM technology, materials, design considerations, process optimization, and applications from different industries. The training has been designed by seasoned experts from AMPOWER, ensuring that engineers receive hands-on experience and personalized guidance. The development of further E-Learning modules is planned for 2024.

Both AMPOWER and Nikon will benefit significantly from this collaboration. AMPOWER’s deep expertise in AM, coupled with Nikon’s technological prowess, will undoubtedly create a synergy that fosters innovation, enhances engineering capabilities, and propels the adoption of AM solutions across industries.

Nikon has been a pioneer in optical technology markets worldwide since its inception in 1917. Today, utilizing advanced technologies, Nikon offers a wide range of products and solutions from digital cameras and binoculars to industrial precision equipment such as FPD and semiconductor lithography systems, microscopes and measuring instruments as well as products for the healthcare field. In the future, we will take advantage of Nikon’s core technologies to generate new core pillars of profit including the material processing business; Nikon strives to sustainably grow its enterprise value in the medium- to long-term. Nikon is a publicly traded company, headquartered in Japan, with offices around the world.

Source: Nikon

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