Optomec Launches Library for Customer Publications on Printed Metal and Electronics

July 28, 2021, Optomec Inc., a manufacturer of industrial 3D Additive Manufacturing machines, announced that it has created an online search tool for researchers seeking published work in the areas of Printed Electronics and 3D Printed Metals. The new tool, called Additive Research Hub, catalogs scores of research papers written and published by Optomec machine users worldwide and allows researchers to find relevant papers through a keyword search tool. Optomec users have published more than 3500 academic papers, half of which were published in just the last 4 years.

“In addition to our production customers, Optomec has hundreds of users doing research in both the Metal Additive and Printed Electronics areas.” said Mike Dean, Optomec Marketing VP. “The Research Hub gives them a short-cut to finding papers that supplement their research. There are more Optomec Additive Manufacturing machines running in public and private research labs than those from anyone else–by far. It’s nice to have a single repository for our users to find each other’s work.”

3 Dimensional Electronic Structure Created with Aerosol Jet Printing

Some examples of some recent papers from the Research Hub:

Aerosol Jet® 3D Printed Electronics

· 3D printed three-dimensional metallic microlattices with controlled and tunable mechanical properties

· Ultra wideband 3D interconnects using aerosol jet printing up to 110 GHz

· Aerosol-jet-printed, conformable microfluidic force sensors

LENS® 3D Printed Metals

· Microstructural evolution in Ti/TiC composites fabricated by laser-directed energy deposition

· LENS manufactured γ-TNB turbine blade using Laser “in situ” alloying approach

· Effect of directed energy deposition processing parameters on laser deposited Inconel® 718: Microstructure, fusion zone morphology, and hardness

Source: Optomec 

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