SLM Solutions and Canwell Medical Partner to Accelerate Certification and Serial Production

April 8, 2020. SLM Solutions has formally entered into a strategic partnership with Canwell Medical, a leading medical device manufacturer in China. Canwell Medical has chosen to use SLM® machines for product development of 3D printed surgical implants. SLM Solutions will provide technical and application assistance, as well as research and development support to further accelerate Canwell Medical’s product certification and serial production.

Canwell Medical, founded in 1994, is one of the largest designers, manufacturers and suppliers of orthopedic implants, instruments and orthopedic rehabilitation for medical instruments (CPM). For over 25 years Canwell Medical has succeeded in the Chinese orthopedic market through their excellent product quality and has become the leader in the orthopedic medical instruments and surgical tools industry throughout the Asia Pacific region.

“We feel proud to win the trust of Canwell Medical. SLM Solutions is the pioneer and leader of Selective Laser Melting technology and medical is an important application field. Our global experience accumulation and innovation will help us to further develop China’s medical field” said Jerry Ma, General Manager of SLM Solutions Asia Pacific. “The cooperation with innovative enterprises like Canwell Medical will effectively promote the two-way development of 3D printing technology in the breadth and depth of the medical industry”, Ma explained.

Acetabular cups and intervertebral fusion cages are some examples of the successful series production of metal parts manufactured on SLM® machines. SLM Solutions carries out many research and exploration initiatives on these two types of products, for example, continuous updates on 60-micron (µm) process parameters for titanium alloy to print the acetabular cup. In knee joint applications, SLM Solutions continuously develops 60-micron (µm) process parameters for cobalt-chromium alloy. SLM Solutions machines themselves ensure maximum safety during operation. They offer closed-loop powder handling, advanced and proven multi-laser technology, bi-directional recoating and an optimized and upgraded gas flow which ensures outstanding performance and efficient high-quality 3D printing.

Fig 1-2: Acetabular cup implant in titanium alloy printed with 60-micron layer; full load of acetabular cups printed by twin laser printed with 60-micron layer. Image via SLM Solutions.

Fig 3: cobalt-chromium knee implant. Image via SLM Solutions.

Several customers of SLM Solutions have obtained FDA clearance or CE mark certification of 3D printed products, and correspondingly more successful clinical cases have been accumulated. Launching the high quality, 3D printed medical devices in the huge market space will bring significant market gains and precious development opportunities for related companies. Jerry Ma emphasizes: “Canwell’s slogan is ‘Technology For Health’; China’s medical device enterprises are very committed to the goal of improving their technological innovation ability and entrepreneurs have an open and positive attitude towards foreign cooperation. As a result, I am confident in the application of SLM Solutions in the medical field. We fully believe that through our close cooperation in many ways, it is not a distant dream for all major medical institutions in China to be able to use advanced domestic medical devices, and for every household to be able to use affordable domestic medical devices.”

Source: SLM-Solutions

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