Meggitt announces HiETA Technologies investment

Meggitt (UK), a subsidiary of Meggitt PLC, a leading international company specialising in high performance components and subsystems for the aerospace, defence and selected energy markets, has announced an investment in HiETA Technologies, a UK company with world-leading capabilities in metal additive manufacturing.

Image via Aerospace Manufacturing Magazine

The investment will accelerate the development of the next generation of thermal systems for aerospace and energy applications. It enables a new generation of high performance and light weight thermal systems to be brought to the market at a critical time for sustainable aviation and lower carbon power generation solutions.

Meggitt’s experience in designing and manufacturing advanced heat exchanger technologies for mission-critical aerospace and industrial applications complements HiETA Technologies’ experience in designing and using additive manufacturing to build high-performance components for aerospace, defence and motorsport applications.

Hugh Clayton, group director of engineering & strategy at Meggitt, said: “With a 160-year track record in bringing technology to the aerospace, defence and energy markets, innovation is at the heart of everything we do.

This is an exciting collaboration with HiETA and we’re proud to partner with them to push the frontiers of innovation. We look forward to a productive partnership which will shape our future: collaborating on additive manufacturing and thermal system technology to enable the next-generation of more sustainable aircraft propulsion systems and greener energy systems; ensuring a sustainable future for the generations to come.”

Mike Adams, CEO and co-founder of HiETA Technologies, said: “This is an exciting time for HiETA, as we follow our strategy of partnering with strong industrial players in key industrial sectors. The investment enables us to bring exciting new products to new markets. It also shows the potential for additive manufacture of our world class designs, when supported by outstanding industrial knowledge, experience and capability. The investment is therefore key to developing confidence in further adoption of additive manufacturing.”

Source: Aerospace Manufacturing Magazine 

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