Toro Selects PostProcess to Implement Automated 3D Post-Printing

PostProcess Technologies, the first and only provider of automated and intelligent solutions for additive manufacturing (AM) post-printing, and The Toro Company, a leading worldwide provider of innovative solutions for the outdoor environment, have collaborated to implement automated post-printing into Toro’s additive manufacturing workflow. Toro chose the PostProcess™ BASE™ support removal solution to help eliminate manual post-printing for their 3D printed FDM parts.

Toro time studies yielded significant decreases in operator labor and total cycle time for post-print support removal. For Toro’s most time-consuming parts, support removal has been reduced from days to hours with the BASE implementation. PostProcess’ full-stack solution uses its patent-pending AUTOMAT3D™ software for control of the support removal process.

“Toro performance standards require a degree of precision that can only be achieved through an automated solution,” said Rob McArdell, The Toro Company. “PostProcess delivers an unprecedented level of precision that is paving the way for the digital manufacturing revolution, and Toro is excited to be a part of it.”

“As a leader in the optimization of additive workflow, Toro recognized that the automation of post-printing is essential to achieve the desired consistency and throughput,” said Jeff Mize, CEO, PostProcess Technologies. “We’re thrilled to be teaming with Toro to deliver a step-change in performance and results that exceeded expectations.”


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