colorFabb Unveils varioShore TPU Filament

Innovation is not a, but the cornerstone of colorFabb. colorFabb’s brand new filament varioShore TPU is the latest development. With varioShore TPUcolorFabb has created a filament that is flexible in more ways than one:

Vriable Shore Hardness

Image Courtesy: colorFabb.

This material is not limited to one shore hardness, but with the right print settings you can have multiple shore hardnesses – even in one print!

Reduced Weight and Density

Image Courtesy: colorFabb.

colorFabb used the LW-PLA technology in this filament as well to reduce weight significantly. Although the weight reduction of varioShore TPU is not as significant as LW-PLA, the weight of the overall print is noticable and can make the difference for prints where weight matters.

Soft Touch

Image Courtesy: colorFabb.

Prints that need a soft touch, like handle bars for bikes or shoe soles are no problem anymore with varioShore TPU.

varioShore TPU will be available mid-October.

Source: colorFabb

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