UnionTech Case Study l Aerosport Modeling & Design – High Quality Prototypes

For over 20 years, Aerosport Modeling & Design has been providing the highest quality prototypes. They have specialized their services to a wide array of industrial design applications, from military and medical to automotive and aerospace. As Aerosport Modeling grew and adapted with the ever-changing design landscape, they made it their mission to research and invest in the latest additive manufacturing technologies to stay ahead of the curve in the marketplace. In early 2017, Aerosport was looking to expand its capacity with a new large platform machine and found themselves a stereolithography 3D printer that had just hit the North American market—the UnionTech RSPro 600.

With a large build platform, the RSPro 600 had just what the team at Aerosport was looking for—a 600 mm x 600 mm x 500 mm (23.6” x 23.6” x 19.6”) build area that could still provide the high-resolution quality that was required. Aerosport Modeling & Design owner Geoff Combs sought to print large, accurate parts in one piece.

“We wanted a large platform machine that could perform at a level of quality that was above the other machines currently being offered on the market. I have been in the industry for over 20 years, so hearing promises and statistics about a machine’s capability was nothing new to me. After seeing some sample parts from the 600 that displayed the quality and backed up the claims, we decided to purchase one for ourselves. That’s when the real testing began!” said Geoff.

In June 2017, Aerosport put the UnionTech RSPro 600 to its first big test and completed the largest build for a customer to date on the machine. Using the Somos® EvoLVe 128 resin, the massive, working-prototype was completed in one build and included every single feature with great results. Aerosport utilizes this combination of machine and resin capability to produce tough, functional prototype parts that can implement snap-fit features and design techniques. The RSPro 600 provides the same accuracy and precision across the entire build platform. Aerosport uses a 3D laser scanner to measure the accuracy of builds with unique features and shapes or large dimensions.

In addition, UnionTech’s accuracy claim of +/- .1% x Length has proven itself time and time again with the parts being printed at Aerosport. The large part printed in June was 19” x 23” x 11.5” with a volume of over 100 cubic inches. This was a fully functional part when assembled by the client, which was used for display, as well as demonstration. When 3D laser scanned and processed to determine the accuracy, the team at Aerosport found that the entire part was within +/- 0.010”. Aerosport has the machine calibrated specifically to the resin that has been chosen and they run check builds to ensure that they account for shrinkage.

With new-age materials and resins, stereolithography is developing a substantial overlap between ABS and nylon properties. Having the ability to utilize the aesthetics and resolution of an SL build with these popular plastic properties will continue to expand the range of possibilities and design techniques available to today’s product designers. This is how UnionTech allows you to Create Your Imagination.

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