SHINING 3D and EXO-L Announce Partnership Bringing Ankle 3D Scanning Service to Customers

Shining 3D is working with EXO-L, a Dutch manufacturer of ankle support products, to enable customised ankle protection wearables.

Their collaboration sees Shining 3D offer a 3D scanning service for EXO-L’s customers. Upon placing their order for an ankle support brace, EXO-L will arrange an appointment for their ankle to be 3D scanned, harnessing Shining 3D’s worldwide network. Extracting the resulting data, the product will be manufactured accordingly, and shipped to the customer.

EXO-L’s ankle brace products are suitable for sports, work and general daily activities, and work like a safety belt, giving the user ‘ultimate protection’ against ankle sprains while maintaining freedom of movement. It is believed there are over 25 million cases of sprained ankles every year in Europe and the USA alone, and while standard supports can do a capable job of protecting from sprains and strains, EXO-L believe a customised product can sizeable enhance the customer experience.

That’s why the company has teamed with a leading 3D scanning vendor. Shining 3D has a host of imaging devices, including its EinScan-Pro series of multi-functional handheld scanners. These devices are said to provide high-quality images, doing so in a simple and time-efficient manner, and also have the ability to seamlessly connect to 3D printing systems.

As the partnership with EXO-L was reached, Shining 3D launched the scanning service that will enable customised ankle supports. It will lean on some of the users of its 3D scanning systems throughout the world, and wanting to expand as wide as possible, is calling for those users to contact either of the partners to offer up their scanning capabilities.

Source: TCT Magazine

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