Arkema launches new 3D Printing Centre of Excellence

The France-based chemicals company, Arkema, has opened a new 3D Printing Centre of Excellence at its Sartomer Exton, PA facility today (30 July).

The new centre will allow the firm to develop its advanced 3D printing resins through innovative material research and collaboration.

Sartomer is an innovator in designing engineered resins for UV-curable additive manufacturing which is produced under its N3xtDimension brand.

The facility will host the majority of UV based technologies including stereolitography, Digital Light Processing (DLP) and Multi Jet Printing (MJP).

“Sartomer is a historic partner for 3D printing pioneers,” said Sumeet Jain, Global Director 3D printing at Sartomer.

“We’re launching the 3D Printing Center of Excellence to deepen our support of the visionaries working to develop innovative 3D printed materials.”

It is anticipated that the opening of the new centre will complete Arkema’s worldwide research and development network which has been aimed at aiding the development of advanced material for additive manufacturing.

“3D printing will further expand in to mass manufacturing through innovative advanced material technologies and partnerships with market leaders,” Guillaume de Crevoisier, Global Business Director 3D printing at Arkema.

Source: manufacturingglobal

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