AP&C and Avio Aero Partner to Relocate Gas Atomizer Powder Technology

Montreal, Canada/ Farnborough, UK – GE Additive also announced that its materials division, AP&C has acquired the gas atomizer equipment currently installed at Avio Aero’s plant in Cameri Italy. This new technology is complementary to AP&C’s proprietary Advanced Plasma Atomization (APATM) process.

As the additive industry grows, so does the demand for powder and materials – in particular titanium and nickel-based alloys from the aerospace industry. In anticipation for increased demand over the coming years and following a strategic business review, the gas atomizer technology previously installed since 2014 at Avio Aero’s facility in Cameri, Italy for the in-house production of powders of special metal alloys such as Titanium Aluminide (TiAl) is being transferred to AP&C’s facility in Montreal, Canada.

This move from Avio Aero’s Cameri plant to AP&C is in order to effectively better position additive manufacturing technologies available within the GE family. It allows both business to better focus on their respective businesses – AP&C on materials and powder production and Avio Aero in Cameri on additively manufacturing aero engines components, using Arcam’s EBM technology and powders developed by AP&C.

The equipment is expected to be operational by March 2019. As a result, AP&C will become a preferred supplier of TiAl for GE Aviation, and also extends its technology portfolio and the ability to offer a wider range of possibilities to its customer through extended choice of powder processes. The gas atomization technology, which uses melt as starting material is particularly well-suited to powder recycling for those customers wanting sustainable solutions.

“Without ongoing materials science research and innovation, additive will struggle to advance. So, while this relocation makes sense commercially, it is also a key element of our future materials development strategy.  Having this complementary technology in the AP&C portfolio, opens up wider possibilities for us as a business and also for our customers, who continually to want to push boundaries,” said Alain Dupont,  President & CEO, AP&C.

“The equipment moving to Canada means more volume and capabilities at our Cameri plant. And of course more 3D printing machines. In addition to focusing on additive processes we will also have the time and more space to train and equip our existing and new team members with future manufacturing skills,” said Giacomo Vessia, Cameri plant leader, Avio Aero.

Sources: GE

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