SLM-produced Removable Partial Denture Frameworks for Upper And Lower Jaws Made of WIRONIUM® RP

BEGO, the Bremen-based family business with 130 years of dental experience and co-inventor of the Selective Laser Melting (SLM) process, is constantly developing its digital production processes and indications. New additions to the portfolio include SLM-manufactured removable partial denture (RPD) frameworks made of WIRONIUM® RP, the perfect combination of BEGO’s alloy and CAD/CAM expertise.

From now on, customers in the EU can order SLM-manufactured removable partial denture frameworks made of WIRONIUM® RP for upper and lower jaws from BEGO. The biocompatible and corrosion-resistant alloy WIRONIUM® RP represents a further development of the BEGO alloy WIRONIUM® which has proven its worth for decades. WIRONIUM® RP was developed specifically for the digital production of RPD frameworks using the SLM process and has been approved as a Class IIa medical device.

Removable partial denture frameworks made of WIRONIUM® RP are characterized by their high accuracy of fit. Image via BEGO.

“With WIRONIUM® RP, we have succeeded in combining the positive properties of conventionally casted frameworks with the economic efficiency of the SLM process”, reports DT Inka Müller, Product Manager CAD/CAM Prosthetics at BEGO. The homogeneous, pore-free microstructure of the additively manufactured components made of WIRONIUM® RP ensures smooth framework surfaces and guarantees ideal fatigue strength of the clasps. The ductility of RPD frameworks made of WIRONIUM® RP is comparable to that of casted frames, which allows the clasps to be activated as with cast components and ultimately ensures user-friendly insertion and removal of the partial denture.

“Thanks to the newly developed process for the production of the components, which is characterized by a unique heat treatment, we ensure the desired material parameters and achieve an above-average fit in comparison with our competitors. Even complex situations, such as deep palates, can be supplied by us with a perfect fit”, says Inka Müller.

BEGO offers RPD frameworks made of WIRONUM® RP in two variants: sand-blasted and high-gloss polished. Image via BEGO.

BEGO offers the WIRONIUM® RP frameworks in blasted and highly polished condition. In addition to the high quality of the digitally produced RPD frameworks, customers also benefit from a comprehensive range of services. For example, they can use BEGO’s scanning and design service if they do not wish to design their own partials. Users are thus able to obtain WIRONIUM® RP frameworks from BEGO in the simplest possible way without having to invest in the necessary hardware or software. The status of the respective order in the BEGO CAD/CAM Production Center can be called up conveniently at any time by mobile phone or tablet via the free BEGO CAD/CAM Tracking App. Experienced BEGO CAD/CAM specialists will provide interested customers with the necessary material files and are available to provide advice and support in various course formats for partial denture design with 3Shape* and exocad* software.

From the market launch of frameworks made of WIRONIUM® RP, BEGO will no longer produce RPD frameworks made of Wirobond® C+. On request, BEGO will convert orders already placed to the new material.

Source: BEGO

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