HeyGears and HP Collaborating to Create a Revolutionary Rehab Appliance for Stroke Symptoms

At Formnext in Frankfurt, HeyGears has announced it is collaborating with HP to create a revolutionary 3D printed Rehab Appliance for Stroke Symptoms, the latest innovation in O&P appliance (Orthotic and Prosthetic Appliance). The collaboration has leveraged the vertical application development and design capabilities of HeyGears’ Innovation Center, and HP’s Multi Jet Fusion technology. The unique combination allows for an innovative O&P appliance to help patients recover from stroke symptoms or peripheral nerve injuries. It provides consistent support to the patient’s wrist and hand, preventing further muscle contraction.

The ever-growing demand for high-end consumer goods in China has led the way for growing demand of customized O&P appliances in the healthcare sector. HeyGears and the advanced capabilities of HP’s Jet Fusion 3D printing Solution together unlock the unique and fully customizable medical device to push the limits of conventional rehab appliances.

HP’s Multi Jet Fusion technology supports HeyGears’ designers to incorporate all sorts of features, including soft skin touch, rehab ball with customizable contraction force, snap-fit ties and adjustable wrist angle, in one printed appliance with no additional assembly required. Using its expertise in 3D digital manufacturing and vertical application, HeyGears propels the design and manufacturing of rehab appliance from time-consuming hand-crafting process involving plaster or thermoplastic materials to the next level, significantly reducing labor costs and patients’ visits.

Moreover, HP’s Multi Jet Fusion technology empowers the appliance to combine strength and lightness needed for accelerating rehabilitation and improving patient comfort, also allowing the uni-body customizable design to be produced in large batch with no additional components for further assembly. A rehab ball is also attached to the upper part of the appliance which functions as a training tool for the patient’s fingers to practice contraction.

“We’re excited to partner with HP, combine their technology with our design capabilities as well as our vertical development toolkits to construct an end-to-end vertical application that will benefit the life of many, ” said Heyuan Huang, the Co-founder of HeyGears. “We believe this rehab appliance product line will precisely address patients’ needs and expedite their recovery time with much better user experiences.”

“3D printing is transforming every type of enterprise from the independent workshop to the largest global brand,” said Robert Mesaros, Vice President and Global Head of 3D Printing Services, Alliances, & Asian markets at HP. “Heygears, a hot China based startup, is our first strategic local partner in orthopedic and rehabilitation equipment. Together we are impacting lives!”Peiyan Gui (CEO and Co-founder, HeyGears), Robert Mesaros (Vice President and Global Head of 3D Printing Services, Alliances, & Asian markets, HP), Heyuan Huang (Co-founder, HeyGears), Hua Huang (General Manager of APJ Client Sales for 3D Printing, Greater China, HP) and Alex Lalumiere (Director of APJ Client Sales for 3D Printing, Asia Pacific and Japan, HP) (from left to right) at Formnext taking place in Frankfurt, Germany on November 21, 2019.

Source: HeyGears

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