White Paper of the Development Trend of 3D Printing &Opportunities and Challenges of the Chinese Market

During the TCT Shenzhen Exhibition (October 15-17, 2019), Chris Connery (Global Vice President of CONTEXT), Filip Geerts (Director General of the European Machine Tool Industry and Related Manufacturing Technology Association), Kitty (Xiaoyan) Wang (The founder of 3D Science Valley) together delivered a comprehensive analysis and insight into the status quo, development and challenges of the 3D printing industry.

TCT shenzhen

Following is the Chinese and English bilingual version of “3D printing development trends & opportunities and challenges in the Chinese market (v2019)” (PDF Document Download Link)

Development trend_Valley_Cover

Development trend_Valley_Cover2

Development trend_Valley_1

Development trend_Valley_2

Development trend_Valley_3

Development trend_Valley_4

Development trend_Valley_5

Development trend_Valley_6

Development trend_Valley_7

Development trend_Valley_Cover3

Development trend_Valley_8

Development trend_Valley_9

Development trend_Valley_10

Development trend_Valley_11

Development trend_Valley_12

Development trend_Valley_13

Development trend_Valley_14

Development trend_Valley_15

Development trend_Valley_Cover4

Development trend_Valley_Cover5

PDF Document Download Link

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