BEAMIT Announces Collaboration with TEMA Energy

April 07, 2020, BEAMIT announces a collaboration in components for gas turbines providers with TEMA Energy to better serve the Power Generation, Oil & Gas and Aviation sectors.

BEAMIT specializes in the manufacturing of gas turbines components through additive manufacturing.

Image via BEAMIT

Tema Energy specializes in burners and combustors for gas turbines, as well as specialized materials and equipment, resulting in improved component performance and extended life.

Together, they can offer an extended range of services to Power Generation, Oil & Gas and Aviation sector.

“After several years of cooperation in a wide range of applications, it became natural to join our forces with TEMA Energy where we found an excellent partner capable to provide leading expertise and competences in machining and post processing on key components” said Gabriele Rizzi, BEAMIT Chief Commercial Officer.“Our partnership will definitely benefit both current and future OEM’s customers going forward in these sectors”.

“The cooperation with BEAMIT represents a step forward in the expansion of our business to cover new applications and markets. In BEAMIT we have found competences and skills resulting in a high level of quality and reliability of the parts produced by additive manufacturing. Customers can rely on TEMA Energy and BEAMIT as unique solution providers of a wider range of products and services” said Paolo Zani, Tema Energy Chief Executive Officer.

This collaboration allows customers in the Power Generation, Aviation and Aerospace sectors to obtain a single point of contact for complex solutions.

From small details to complete gas turbines set-up, BEAMIT/TEMA Energy have the solutions you need.

Source: BEAMIT

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