Zenith Tecnica continues to scale with GE Additive Arcam EBM technology

Since its establishment in 2014, the team at Zenith Tecnica, based on the North Shore of Auckland, has quickly developed a reputation for being some of the most disruptive, innovative thinkers in the metal additive industry – creating with a range of applications that push the boundaries of 3D printing technology.

From day one, the team have been strong proponents of GE Additive’s electron beam melting technology. And now, five years on Matt Wielenga, CEO of Zenith has just overseen the installation of their fourth and fifth GE Additive Arcam EBM machines – two additional Q10plus systems.

“That makes five Arcam EBM machines in five years. We now have three Q10plus and two Q20plus systems and we believe that currently makes us one the largest EBM service bureaus in the world,” says Matt.

 Medical Sector Driving Demand

Zenith Tecnica’s business is going from strength to strength. The investment in two more GE Additive Arcam EBM Q10plus machines adds additional capacity to fulfil a number of newly-signed contracts with a leading US-based medical implant manufacturer and other customers from other sectors.

Being ISO 13485 and AS9100 certified, Matt and his team marry their innovative approach with a steadfast commitment to quality and compliance. Zenith Tecnica has completed IQ, OQ & PQ for medical implant manufacture on its existing Q10plus machine.

“We have additively manufactured over 400 components that are now in orbit. So, we’re used to working with highly-regulated industries, such as aerospace and defense and the medical sector,” comments Matt.

“Where we add even more value is though our very deep expertise to get the most out of EBM technology, design for additive – whether it is determining what geometry is possible, how to get the best finish, what tolerances are achievable, or simply how to reduce cost,” adds Matt.

Having a significantly increased EBM footprint means that as its business grows and gathers momentum Zenith Tecnica is looking for additional production partnerships on both sides of the Pacific ocean and internationally.

“It’s great to see Zenith Tecnica’s business thrive. And although we’re on the other side of the world in Sweden, we’re constantly in awe at their passion and advocacy for EBM technology, and their ingenuity in developing game-changing applications in titanium,” says Karl Lindblom, general manager, GE Additive Arcam EBM.

The EBM process utilizes a high-power electron beam that generates the energy needed for high melting capacity and high productivity. The hot process allows you to produce parts with no residual stress and the vacuum ensures a clean and controlled environment. EBM is a leading-edge technology that offers freedom in design, excellent material properties and stacking capabilities.

Source: GE

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